Malkuth Q. Damkar

b. australia

BA (Visual Art) Photography 1989  UNSW (Then NSW Institute for the Arts) 


After taking an interest in photography - after getting a camera at the age of 8, Mal Q. Damkar, taught himself black and white developing and processing of film and photographs and since 1984 has rarely not had a camera in his hand.

Working in digital media since a student in the late 1980s – then joining the University to set up and run the first digital workshop in an Australian Art School. Teaching every student + staff member for the first 18 months of its inception. 

Damkar's background experience is best described as diverse; he devised and created one of the first interactive displays in a museum, in Australia. He went on to design and create an interactive presentation for the re-vitalisation of Vietnam before it opened up to world tourism; He has launched the first natural media digital media program - Painter. 

He has worked for some of largest software companies – Aldus and Adobe; and worked in major print industry player - Show Ads – at the time the countries largest pre-press house in Australia.  He then went on to start up a digital design company running it for 10 years. Moving on to create an award winning fabric and wallpaper design company. 

He currently uses his combined skills to work as image and production manager, as well as the in house photographer, for The Beagle Press – a fine art book publishing company which has been in business since 1980. He also works as brand manager for Stevie English Hair Sydney’s most stylish hair salons.



1990 Allusion / Illusion, Sydney  3D photo sculpture installation


1988 Short film selection screening, Chauvel Cinema, best COFA student films of the year

1989 SRC Selection Exhibition, Work Gallery COFA,UNSW - curated show of best of the graduating students final major work.

1992 Imagina – Images beyond Imagination, Monte Carlo  Seem  digital image (This was one of the first international digital arts festival)

1992 Bits of This, Bytes of That Arthaus, Sydney, series of digital images manipulated to look like painted works.

1992 Bits of This, Bytes of That II, Melbourne series of digital images manipulated to look like painted works.


National Library of Australia

Several private collections